You might want to ask Mott to help you.

You guys are strange.

The airplane took off and boarded to China.


"Who sees variety and not the unity wanders on from death to death", state the Upanishads.

Yesterday I met Neal on the street.

Copper conducts electricity well.

If I'm away from home for a period of time, I will stop mail delivery.

The bus stop is quite handy.

You're pretty cute too.

What should be done?

They captured her.

I wonder why Marco was late.

He is well off, so he doesn't worry about money.

Terrance likes to spend quiet time alone every day.

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I believe that everything will be okay.

"Where was he headed?" "He was headed north."

His face is always expressionless.

Nothing can take the place of an old friend.

All the floors in her house are made of wood.

Several races live together in America.

Tarmi enjoys reading novels.

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Juliet hurt himself this morning.

The water of the water supply is dangerous.

A doctor tried to remove the bullet from his back.


I'll go meet them soon.

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Does anybody have a problem with that?


I was trying to protect him.

She got her feet wet teaching while she was in the Peace Corps.

Your gift will go far towards helping to build the children's hospital.

Aaron is always sleeping in class. It almost seems like he goes to school just to catch up on his sleep.

I want to buy a shirt.

I showed her the way.

It all comes down to a question of loyalty.


The guards are aiming their weapons at Jesus.

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"What's happening?", murmured a voice from the other end of the room.

The children have gone to school already.

You should quit while you're ahead.

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Ask Piercarlo to join us.

Did you have an accident?

Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar.


Mason was deeply impressed.


You see a white building at the foot of the hill.

He took out a book about the history of coins.

Senor Smith was announced as the new president.

This is utter nonsense.

We have no plan.

It goes without saying that I love you.

Whenever he adopts a new business strategy, his employees fear for their jobs.

The grass always seems greener on the other side.

The 2010 eruption of a volcano in Iceland caused many problems for European travelers.


They have scarcely gone out since the baby was born.

I'm sure you're going to enjoy yourself at the party.

The girl came around when we threw water on her face.

We can still do that.

Antonella picked up the coffee pot and poured himself a cup of coffee.

Linley died of cancer.

Felix walked alone.


I think we should all clean the classroom together.


Dawson left the conference room.

Wendell's new house is really nice.

The cow moos, the rooster crows, the pig oinks, the duck quacks, and the cat meows.

Gilles is irresistible.

Marek needed treatment.


Don't tell me Bobby finally said yes.

They play basketball.

That's why we didn't attack.

She burst into the room.

I'm going to see Carole this afternoon.


We plan to visit Felix tomorrow afternoon.

He's got a crush on her.

You're not mad anymore, are you?


I'm in complete agreement with everything he said.

It is about 1 mile from here to the station.

We won't have any problems, will we?


She played an important part in this project.

Do you speak Hungarian?

Curt's younger brother is dating Kirsten's older sister.

She is eight.

International disputes must be settled peacefully.

Matti treats me very nice.

We've got to find a way out of here.


During the interrogation he admitted his guilt.


I received a letter yesterday which was written in English.


Should we call him?


They're lying in the shade.

You look just like my sister.

Dan savagely beat Linda while their son looked on.

Neither of them cares for strenuous sports.

Ramiro shouldn't trust Josh.

She's very protective of him.

Sheila hit Jordan with a pillow.


How do you like this bronze figure I picked up in my travels?

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I'll tell her the truth.

Harry hasn't opened her book yet.

Her grandmother lived to be eighty-eight years old.

This is the hotel where we stayed that time.

Ken threw a sushi party at his house.


I will call back a bit later.

Tim didn't want Kyung to leave.

Izumi turned off the flashlight.


Ramanan happens to like Sundar very much.

I'm not sure what's wrong. We should have heard from him by now.

How much time do adults spend watching television every day?

I'm staying at Jaime's house.

It took Kristin an hour to clean his room.

Does Arnold know about it?

Dean could never fall for a woman like Pradeep.

Is the book on the chair?

No, it can't be! She can't be dead!

Carol has been briefed about the situation.

If I'd driven a little faster, we'd have gotten there on time.

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We've got to get back to the lab.

I'm not surprised you didn't go there with Brian.

May I bring my family along?


I thought you were still in Boston.

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I'm learning how to type.

Have you ever flown in a blimp?

I can't find him either.


He is now almost as tall as his father is.

I don't know about you, but I believe Shannon.

Kathryn wants us to come back.


Did you hear about yesterday's fire?

What would Shari do in my position?

Turkeer doesn't know whether Gilles wants to go with us.

This is the first time I've read a book in Chinese.

It you eat at that hour, you're going to get fat.

"I'm sorry." "No, you're not."

You were the last person in the office. You should've turned off the lights.

It's a monster storm.

They call me Carl.

Obviously, she's sick.

Rodent knew he'd never see Lindsay again.

Daryl grudgingly did what Giles asked.

Wade didn't look very good.

I think Celeste doesn't come here very often.

I caught her in the act.

Humans are peers of a united race, Thus in creation, share the same base. If one is affected with pain, Others share the faith of same. When you are indifferent to this pain, You shall not earn the Humans' name.

I'm glad you liked it.

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This is the first time I've ever switched off the heater in winter.

The sausages must be burnt now!

We fixed the price at $15.


That kind of machine is yet to be invented.

Why don't you wait until Alastair gets here?

With God's help, we will know sorrow no more.

Would you mind giving me a ride to the post office?

I've got married ten years ago.

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It's a gross distortion of the truth.

I don't know how long I'll have to wait before I become more creative.

I've just been to the bank.

That dog is really ugly.

We think it's a great idea.

He entered his home.

Sanjib showed me some photos yesterday.

What kind of trouble are you in?

Carole would like to talk with you.


The bubble burst in the air.

I didn't walk.

The creaking of the masts; the straining and groaning of bulkheads, as the ship labored in the weltering sea, were frightful.

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She is concerned about his safety.

You have to read between the lines to know the true intention of the author.

It could be worse.

Is this pear green?

What if it continued for ever?